Saturday, November 10, 2012

Second Birthday Surprise!

Hi all!

I completely forgot to share this with you; most of you have seen the first birthday present I was surprised with (in case you missed it, you can find the post here). But, when I arrived in Vegas a few weeks back, my boyfriend had another surprise for me! I had no idea what it would be since he had already bought me so many lip balms from various shops that I had been eyeing for a while (Thank you, Robert!) and he had already gotten me a lip balm subscription for the year (woohoo!). Well along with a handmade card that I'll spare his embarrassment and refrain from showing you, there were these two cardboard pieces:

That thing in the middle is supposed to be a lip balm tube, specifically an Orange Thyme lip balm tube! My boyfriend knows and totally understands my Orange Thyme obsession, so he wanted to get it right. Seriously, I love that guy.
That little crazy looking person is supposed to be me running from a herd of lip balm.
Yes, I know they look like a five year old drew them (neither of us is very artistic haha). But I love them! I was so confused at first what they were for, until I read the back of one of them:

Yes, my friends, my boyfriend made me two handmade coupons for two yearly lip balm subscriptions. Now, do I have a winner or what? 

The problem is, I don't know which lip balm subscriptions to cash these in on, do any of you have a suggestion? My boyfriend didn't know which ones were good ones either so he left it up to me to pick them, which didn't make it any easier.

If you've got a recommendation for a lip balm of the month club, I'd love to hear it!

Thank you again, Robert, for always making the best gifts and not judging me for my lip balm obsession.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday!



  1. You should get an Orange Thyme Subscription for sure! Rachel usually lists these sometime in late November! Just convo her.

    1. My boyfriend contacted her before about it (he knows I'm obsessed with her balms) and she told him she wasn't doing them anymore because it took too much time. But, I'll definitely keep my eyes out!


    2. Doesn't Ashley over at Aqua Blossom do subscriptions? Might be worth checking out. :)


    3. She does! But, I think I own almost every flavor from her shop already (that fits my tastes) and I'm scared that if I do a subscription from her, I'll receive a lot of balms I already have instead of something new. But I'm going to convo her about it =).



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