Friday, November 30, 2012

Wrangler's Monthly Wrap Up: November 2012

This month seriously could not have gone by any quicker! I mean ever since probably middle school, November has always felt like the fastest month to me, so I shouldn't really be surprised that it went by so quickly; but every year I am! I think this year it's even more shocking to me because I graduate from college in about two weeks and then I move from Chicago to San Francisco. So many big changes are quickly approaching! Let's recap some of my favorite parts of November, shall we?

I am so happy I stumbled upon Ashley's shop this month. She sent me the greatest mix of balms in a crazy cute package. I've been hooked ever since!

I don't think I've loved a set of balms more! The Caramel Apple will forever be one of my favorites!

Epically Epic Soap Co.
I tried my first ever requested lip balms, and they turned out wonderfully! I also found a new favorite: pineapple cherry!

The Top 5 posts for this month were:
1. Custom Epically Epic Lip Balm Giveaway
2. eos (evolution of smooth)
3. Epically Epic...Again!
4. Nivea: A Kiss of Smoothness
5. Black Friday Deals!

What were your favorite parts of November? I think one of my most favorite parts of November was all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping I did!

**Don't forget to enter my giveaway here for your chance to win 2 custom Epically Epic lip balms! The drawing is tomorrow!**

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