Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chapstick Limited Edition Holiday Flavors

These next couple of Tuesdays will be reviews of Holiday balms; I realize the holidays are quickly approaching and there are still many holiday balms I have yet to review! I want to make sure I fit these more seasonal balms in before the season is up!
Company: Chapstick

Flavor: Candy Cane, Apple Cider, and Chocolate Truffle. I had missed out on the Candy Cane balm last year and I was really disappointed because it was so hard to find the limited edition balms from last year and I was only able to find the White Hot Cocoa. But not this year, I was finally able to try the balm I had waited so long for! The Candy Cane is a lovely rendition of one of my favorite Christmas time treats. It's icy peppermint with a little bit of vanilla. The Apple Cider is so interesting. I didn't know what to expect of it, but it's very much like apple juice with a bit of spice. It also has a warmer scent to it. It's actually quite pleasant! I'm usually not a huge fan of apple scented balms, but this one is actually pretty nice. The Chocolate Truffle is a rich, rich, rich chocolate scent. All you chocolate lovers out there are definitely going to want to get this balm. There's really not too much else I can say about this balm, it's rich and chocolatey, what else would you want from it?

Wear: These balms go on smooth and cover beautifully. They last a decent amount of time too which is always nice! The Candy Cane has the wonderful icy bite and tingly feeling one would expect from a Candy Cane balm. I love the tingly feeling!

Packaging: These balms come in your average sized lip balm tube. The Candy Cane tube has a label that is red and white striped like...well, a Candy Cane, and the Chocolate Truffle label is a lovely chocolatey rich brown with thin white stripes which remind me of those yummy Chocolate Truffles! The Apple Cider label is red with a black portion with Chapstick written in it, and the label on the cap has a picture of a cup of apple cider which is very festive.

Price: $0.98 to ~$3 depending on where you buy it. I know I should have waited until I could get the balms at Walmart but when I first saw the Candy Cane and Apple Cider I had to buy them immediately! I paid about $3 for them, but I was lucky to get the Chocolate Truffle for $0.98! Definitely a steal and definitely worth it!

Pros: Flavors, Wear, Packaging, Price
Cons: Not natural

Rating: 5 out of 5 twists, Chapstick balms will always be some of my favorite. I've been using them for so long, and I may not reach for them all the time anymore because I've found lovely natural balms that I never knew existed, but I know if I ever need a good balm I can always count on a tube of Chapstick.

Have you tried these limited edition Chapstick lip balms yet? What did you think of them?

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