Monday, December 17, 2012

Mini Monday 12.17.12

This weekend has been so hectic! I've been working like crazy and trying to relax now that the semester is over. I almost forgot to create this post, I've been so busy! This week I want to share a little bit about these balms with you:

This coconut balm smells SO good. It smells a bit more like toasted coconut to me than regular coconut, but it's super warm and tropical and just wonderful!

Buffalo Gal Organics' Pear & Coconut
This balm smells exactly like warm coconut combined with crisp pears! The coconut is much stronger than the pear, but I kind of like that because pear scents in balms usually overwhelm me. 

Orange Thyme's Watermelon Juice
This balm smells AMAZING. I know it was part of a kid-friendly pack and I can see why. This reminds me of watermelon Jolly Ranchers. It smells so delicious. If you like watermelon anything (real and artificial) I think you'll like this balm!

Stay tuned for next week's Mini Monday!
Have a great Monday!

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