Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Softlips Jack Frosting!

Okay this is probably my most FAVORITE Softlips™ flavor ever. Period. I'm in love with this. My boyfriend hates frosting anything and he even thought this smelled good (until I told him what it is of course, and then he didn't like it as much). I will most definitely be having a special post about this balm coming soon :).

Company: Softlips

Flavor: Jack Frosting! This balm smells so amazing, to me it smells just like frosting. Warm, vanilla frosting with a slight tingle. It's weird, this is a very warm scent to me but, when I had my sister and my boyfriend both try to guess what scent it was they both said on two different occasions: chocolate, mocha, caramel. Which is so weird, I think there's just something wrong with their scent receptors ;). This balm has a slight smokey/burnt smell to it too, not burnt but more like toasted. It reminds me of freshly baked goods, it's delicious!

Wear: Smooth! This balm goes on wonderfully and may take a couple more swipes due to the smaller diameter of the balm, but it's totally worth it and not a hassle at all (trust me there are balms that are a hassle out there, I've had some balms where it was a fight and almost too painful to put on). True to a Softlips™ balm, this makes my lips feel super soft and smooth. Oh, did I mention this delicious balm, like most Softlips™ balms, has SPF 20?

Packaging: This balm comes in the typical Softlips™ tube, it's a thin white tube, about half the diameter of your average lip balm tube. The labeling is super neat and simple: 'Softlips' in big writing with Jack Frosting in  a shade of blue (maybe Cobalt?)  font beneath it.

Price: ~$3 for a 2 pack of this wonderful Limited Edition Softlips™ balm.

Pros: Flavor, Wear, Packaging, Price, SPF 20!

Rating: 5 out of 5 twists, I really like this Jack Frosting balm! It's also really cool that the fans got to pick it. It's nice to actually be able to vote on new flavors!

Have you tried Softlips™ Jack Frosting yet? 
This pack was provided complimentary to me by Softlips™, however I've only given my 100% honest opinion!  Thank you, Softlips™, for allowing me the opportunity to review your products!

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  1. Sounds like a good deal ^^
    Too bad i can't find any nice chap stick at any local stores haha


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