Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Softlips Peppermint Stick

I haven't shared this with you guys yet, but Softlips has sent me a HUGE package full of products to use and review. I was beyond thrilled and completely shocked at the beautiful package that arrived at my door (it was a huge purple shiny large packaging envelope) and even more shocked by the contents inside! I'm going to review one of each of the products each week as to not overwhelm you with so much Softlips all at once! So let's get started with this week's pick shall we?

Company: Softlips

Flavor: Peppermint Stick. This balm is a wonderful combination of peppermint and vanilla. I like that this has a little more vanilla than other Candy Cane-like balms. It makes the balm smell a bit creamier and tones down the mint a bit. This pack also comes with a stick of Softlips Pearl which has a nice light pinkish tint to it, it doesn't show up on my lips because my lips are too dark.

Wear: This balm goes on smoooooth! True to usual Softlips balms they go on smooth and they make my lips feel soft. Because of the thin packaging, I have to go around a few more times than usual but it's not difficult since the balms go on so easily.

Packaging: The packaging on this balm is so festive! It's the usual Softlips tube, thinner than your usual lip balm tube, but it is covered in red and white stripes like a peppermint stick and it has a red cap to top it all off. I love how festive this balm is!

Price: About $3 for this dual pack. Which is definitely not a bad deal.

Pros: Flavor, Wear, Packaging!!, Price

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 twists, I love Softlips™ balms. I always have and probably always will. This one is definitely no exception. This one is a hard one to find, as are many Softlips™ limited edition flavors, but I'm so glad to have it in my collection!

Have you tried Softlips Peppermint Stick yet? What did you think of it?

This balm was provided complimentary to me by Softlips™, however, all opinions are my own. My reviews are not biased in any way, they are 100% my honest opinion. Thank you, Softlips™ , for the opportunity to review your products!

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