Sunday, January 20, 2013

And the Winners for my HUGE Birthday Giveaway Are...**UPDATED x 2**

Nilda, Julie, Cilly, and Francisca!
Congratulations ladies!!!

Why four winners when I said three? For those of you that don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter may have missed that one of my readers wanted to throw in an extra prize pack (1 Epically Epic Lemon Meringue, 1 Petite Threla Blueberry, and 1 sample jar of Live Beautifully Body's Strawberry Honeysuckle) for a fourth winner. How generous of her!

***One of the original winners already had the balms she was being sent, so I picked another winner!*** 

This was honestly the hardest giveaway prize allocation I've ever had! It was so hard to give everyone exactly what they wanted. I hope everyone will be happy with what they receive!

All I need from you ladies now is an e-mail to with your name and where you would like the balms to be sent.

Thank you to everyone for entering this giveaway!! There will be another one posted shortly! I just have to plan which wonderful balms I want to giveaway next!


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