Sunday, January 13, 2013

Balms of the Week 1.13.13

I've finally settled into my apartment and have been able to get on a daily schedule. It feels nice to be settled in and not stressed out for a little while. I've finally had some "me" time and it was great! Until I decided to go to the gym three days in a row and completely overwork my entire body, ouch! This week the balms I've been using are:

Live Beautifully's Coconut Cream Pie

Live Beautifully's Lemon Cream Pie

Live Beautifully's Banana Cream Pie
Yeah...I've been loving the whole cream pie collection this week! They're all just so good! It's hard not to eat them up!

Orange Thyme's Caramel Apple
This balm still makes my mouth water, it's exactly like a caramel apple!

LUSH's Chocolate Whipstick
Still my staple lip balm, it goes everywhere with me!

What balms have you been using this week? Did you find a new favorite?

I hope you have a relaxing Sunday!

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  1. This week I have been using Skullery's Black Tea with Milk and Sugar. I love this balm! It is exactly how I like to drink my tea!
    I have also been using balms from Black Bear Laboratory off etsy. Honey Whipped Cream and Peppermint Mocha my favorite wintertime drink!
    Along with LWF Irish Cream, Uni Farts, and Yeti Breath!
    Glad you are all settled in SF!

    1. I'll have to look into those two shops, I've never heard of them before! Those all sound lovely!



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