Monday, January 28, 2013

Mini Monday 1.28.13

I feel like the weekends never last enough around here, two days is definitely not enough! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a wonderful Monday doing whatever it is you may be doing. Here are the balms for this week's Mini Monday:

Long Winter Farm's Orange Cream
This balm smells just like oranges and sweet cream! It's a little bit tangy with just a tiny hint of cocoa.  

The Simple Siren's Grandma's Rosemary Lemonade
This smells just like lemonade with just a hint of rosemary. I thought the rosemary would be stronger and more overbearing, but it's not. It just adds a little something extra to the light and sweet scent of lemonade.

Crazy Rumors' Black Cherry from the Soda Collection
This smells just like a cherry coke! It's a rich and distinct scent. I think it's wonderful!

Stay tuned for next week's Mini Monday!

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  1. Nice pics. I am loving Orange Thyme's Meyer lemon cupcake. I still can't get over how much it smells like baked goods. :-)

    1. I love that balm, it's really good! If you like that one, you must try Petite Threla's Lemon Chiffon it's SO good (I almost hate to admit that I love it a lot more than Orange Thyme's Meyer Lemon Cupcake or ForGoodnessGrape's Lemon Cupcake. Both of those are really great lemony baked good balms.


    2. Alright, it has been added to my hitlist. Thanks for the tip! Any other balms that are as creamy as Orange Thyme that you recommend? (As a comparison, I find Aqua Blossom too glossy)

    3. Janet, have you tried any Long Winter Farm balms? They are super creamy! I'm kind of obsessed with them. Not sure if it's exactly the lemon baked goods scent you are looking for or just creamy balms. :)

    4. Thanks for the tip. Texture is more important for me since the weather can be really dry here and I need moisture. Scents are second. :-) any other favourite creamy balms? :-)

    5. Trish beat me to it haha, I was going to recommend Long Winter Farm as well! Some other creamy balms I really like are the Mango and Tangerine balms from Honey House Naturals ( They go on a bit thicker, but they're smooth and creamy and really last. Let me think a bit more on it and I'm sure I'll come up with some other creamy balms. =).



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