Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Blog is 1 Year Old Today!

Today is a huge day for this blog, it's the 1 year mark since the very first post I ever made on this blog!

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I never ever thought that this blog would make it to this day. When I started this blog a year ago I had no idea it would become what it is today. No one, myself included, ever thought that this blog would get more than maybe 300 views. I remember the first week this blog was up, I had 35 views and my boyfriend and I were high fiving and jumping up and down; we always reflect back on those days. It really makes me appreciate where the blog is at now. Some of my posts when I first started were so short and not to the standard that I hold them to now. But of course writing this blog has been a learning experience for me as I learn to shift things around and add new content that you guys want to see.

I started this blog as "The Chapstick Wrangler" because that is what my boyfriend used to always call me. But once the blog started getting bigger and gained more exposure, I knew it was time to change the name to "The Lip Balm Wrangler". Not as catchy, but I still love it. This blog is a part of my every day life, although I'm still a bit shy about telling people about my blog, all the encouraging words I receive just make me want to do even more with this little piece of the Internet I call my own. With over 300 views a day and reaching about 140 countries around the world, I am truly amazed at how this blog has spread. I couldn't have reached this point without all of you, I love interacting with all of you. Whether it's through comments on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail, I cherish each and every interaction.

To show a little bit of my gratitude and celebrate reaching the one year mark, I want to hold a huge giveaway for you all. The giveaway will be announced on Saturday after my current giveaway is over. I want to make sure I have all the prizes and prize packages organized, you won't want to miss this giveaway, I promise!

Also, for Sponsors this month I'm going to offer 50% off ALL Ad spots. Use code: FirstBirthday to save 50% off all Ads. You can use this code multiple times! I'm using Passionfruit Ads which makes sponsoring super easy. Simply click on the Sponsors tab above for more information.

Thank you all for reading this blog, without you, it wouldn't be what it is today.

I love each and every one of you!

Here's to another wonderful year on the blog!


  1. Congratulations! :) Great milestone

  2. Congratulations, Christina!

    Thank you for all your reviews and recommendations! I appreciate the time, money and effort you have taken to share your thoughts on so many different balms. I had always wanted to buy from Orange Thyme and Epically Epic but I wanted to read reviews first, and I found your blog. :) I have several favourite balms because of the flavors and shops that you have recommended.

    It was because of your blog that I took the chance to sample from Orange Thyme and Epically Epic and find new favourite balms. From Orange Thyme - Rhubarb Soda, Strawberry Lime Margarita and Rhubarb Strawberry. And from Epically Epic - Shamrock Shake, Candy Cane, Mint Chocolate Espresso, Vanilla Coke, Strawberry Rhubarb, Pineapple Sage, Vanilla Latte, Red Velvet Cake and Vanilla Marshmallow. I find great pleasure in choosing a lovely flavored balm for the day and breathing in the yummy scent. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you, Candice!

      It is really my pleasure to provide you with reviews and recommendations. It makes me so happy to know my reviews/recommendations have helped you find some new favorite balms. One of the reasons I even started this blog was to help others find really amazing lip balms.

      Thank you for reading and supporting the blog!


  3. Congratulations on your first year, Christina! Without your lovely blog, I would not have found what I call, my "staple shops". Orange Thyme, Long Winter Farm, Epically Epic and most recently, Little Batch Apothecary. Like Candice said, it might be a little thing, but choosing my balm of the day is something that makes me very happy. I love seeing when you have a new post on your blog and I never order from a company until I read a review from you first! I just made my first order from The Simple Siren and I can't wait to try them! Excited to see what the next year brings. :)

    1. Thank you, Trish!

      I'm so glad to have been able to help you find your favorite shops! (Although I still won't be held accountable for any crazy lip balm buying sprees, haha!) I really hope you enjoy your Simple Siren balms, I think they're just wonderful!



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