Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Haul of the Week 2.27.13

This last week I've received so many wonderful little balms in the mail! I've also had some luck finding some special balms in stores. My apartment is looking more and more overrun with lip balm, I need to come up with a new solution on how to store these things! I used to have such an organized system of storing them, but now, after the move, I need a better system. Oh well, that'll be for another day, I suppose! Here's what came in this week:

I'm so happy with everything that came in this week! It's always so hard to choose what to use next!

Did you receive any special goodies this week?


  1. What is the full name of the Blueberry epic one? I can't make out the second word and I can't find it at her store. It looks great! I got her Yellow Cake, Blue Moon and Shamrock Shake balms the other day and I love them.
    Maria J.

    1. Hi Maria!

      It is blueberry peach, part of the limited edition set. There are only a few left so I'd snag one if it interests you! It's probably my favorite flavor!


  2. I can't find any of the special edition balms from Softlips or Chapstick ! :(


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