Sunday, March 10, 2013

Balms of the Week 3.10.13

Hi all!

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I'm having a ton of fun being home with my family for a few days, minus of course the lack of sleep because we're always doing something! This week I've been using so many balms, and a lot of old favorites too. I've been trying to revisit a bunch of my favorites because I feel bad that they're not being used as much anymore as new favorites take over (not that I think my lip balms have feelings or anything because that would be weird, unless you think your's do in which case, by all means...). are the lovely lip balms that I couldn't keep off my lips this week:

Epically Epic's Orange Mango

Epically Epic's Blueberry Peach

Epically Epic's Chocolate Chai

Epically Epic's Yellow Cake

Epically Epic's Blackberry Lemonade
Can you tell I've been really into my limited edition Epically Epic balms?

Long Winter Farm's Pistachio Chip

Long Winter Farm's Rosemary Litsea

Petite Threla's Lemon Chiffon

Little Batch's Pina Colada

What balms have you been using this week?

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  1. This week I have been using Aqua Blossom Irish Cream and Cream de Mint, EE's Pineapple Strawberry, Chocolate Irish Cream, Shamrock Shake, LWF Irish Cream, Macaroon, and Toffee, Roxxy Star Cosmetics Prickly Pear, Lemon Drop, and Grapefruit Tangerine.
    Petite Threla's Yuzu and Grapefruit Lemon. And FGG's Grape Fruit Mint, Lime Phosphate, and Paloma.

    1. All of those balms sound so wonderful! How are you liking Roxxy's balms? Isn't the Prickly Pear so interesting? I wish more shops had Prickly Pear balms, I think that it would be interesting to try other shops' versions.


    2. I really like that Prickly Pear balm as well as the other flavors that I ordered from Roxxy! She was wonderful to work with and sent my order really fast! I haven't seen other Prickly Pear balms before but I bet Lisa from FFG could make a Prickly Pear if you or I asked her too.

    3. I think she would too, I'll definitely have to remember to do a custom order with her in the future and request that flavor.


  2. I have been totally addicted to my Aquablossom Raspberry Guava and Black Forest Brownie! Also, my Honey Pear lip glace from Petite Threla! Yum yum!

    1. Both of those Aqua Blossom balms are wonderful! I haven't tried Honey Pear yet from Petite Threla, but I'm very curious about it. Isn't it very heavy on the honey scent? I tend to not like honey balms.



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