Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Haul of the Week 3.6.13

I hope you all enjoyed my special post from yesterday! In case you missed it, you can find it here. I feel like I'm forgetting some balms I received this past week, but I'm not sure which ones. I don't think I really am which is why I'm going nuts trying to remember what's come in the mail the last week. Oh well, here are the balms that I remembered came in this week:

Roxxy was kind enough to send me these three balms to try! Thank you, Roxxy!

There was a sale last week where each lip gloss was only $3, so I definitely had to grab a couple that I've been wanting to try for a while now.

I know I already own Pistachio Chip and Coconut Limeade, but those are for a family friend going through chemotherapy. I figured a good creamy lip balm was a very small way that I could help her get through it.

I saw these flavors on Jen's direct shop and I had to have them!

And obviously, ChapStick

I hope you enjoyed this week's haul! Did you receive any balms this week?


  1. Hey, Christina!
    I wanted to let you know I've ordered numerous times from Sheri's Soap Opera on Etsy. She offers a free lip balm to cancer patients going through chemo! Her son had cancer and she started making her own balms for his cracked lips. They are great. And Sheri is super sweet. Check her out:

    1. Thanks, Casey!

      I'll definitely be in touch with Sheri, that's such a nice thing she does for cancer patients!



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