Thursday, March 7, 2013

Softlips Spring Flavors

I'm so happy with these seasonal flavors that Softlips keeps cranking out. I have yet to be disappointed by them! The ones they've come up with for this Spring are no exception! I was so excited when I found them at Target a few weekends ago in the Easter section.

Company: Softlips

Flavors: Chocolate Bunny and Jelly Bean. The Chocolate Bunny smells like a very rich milk chocolate. It's a really nice chocolate balm! The Jelly Bean smells very fruity! It's hard for me to single out which scents are in this, but I smell maybe strawberry and some others. I really like this one! The Chocolate Bunny also comes with Vanilla which is a creamy lovely vanilla balm. The Jelly Bean comes with a tube of Raspberry which is a tart and wonderful raspberry balm!

Wear: These go on smooth and easy like all other Softlips balms. They also make my lips tingle a little bit with a cooling sensation. I feel like I've had that with most of my Softlips balms, I actually find it refreshing!

Packaging: These balms come in your typical Softlips tube; a thin long white tube with the fonts on the tube colored to match the flavor of the balm. You wouldn't think that the font color on a label would be that significant, but I actually really enjoy when each font color is different for each flavor. Also these packages are so cute and Easter themed by coming in egg shaped packaging!

Price: I think these were close to $4 per pack.

Pros: Flavors, Wear, Packaging, Price

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 twists. I really love these seasonal Softlips flavors! I think the Jelly Bean is one of my favorite Softlips flavors ever!

Have you tried these seasonal Softlips balms yet? What did you think of them?


  1. Love both flavors but the Jelly Bean is my fav of the two!

    1. Mine too! These seasonal flavors they keep coming out with have been awesome!


  2. I found these at target on clearance for under a dollar, and I got them both.
    The chocolate bunny doesn't smell a whole lot lot like chocolate, which kind of disappointed me, but the jelly bean smelled like a mixture of fruits, which I was glad about. Usually jelly bean flavors smell sickly sweet, but this one smelled just like jelly beans should. Definately my favorite, and I love the raspberry, too.

    1. I'm sorry the chocolate disappointed you, but I'm happy to hear that the jelly bean one worked out for you! You're lucky you were able to snag them on clearance, I just checked this weekend and there were none at my Target!



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