Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Upstate Herb Works Part II

A little while ago Cathy from Upstate Herb Works contacted me to see if I wanted to try one of her new products and of course, since I love Upstate Herb Works balms, I said yes!

Company: Upstate Herb Works

Flavors: Neapolitan and Porch Party. I was super surprised to see not one, but two products in my package, both are super amazing! The Neapolitan smells just like you'd think Neapolitan ice cream should smell like, there's a lot of chocolate, some strawberry, and some vanilla. When you combine them all, it just smells wonderful! The Porch Party balm smells incredible! This balm is definitely going to be perfect for summer! It's a beautiful combination of fresh strawberry and tangy, bright lime. Seriously, I want to drink this balm! This balm gives off such a different aroma than my usual strawberry lime balms, it's not super sweet or candy-like, it's really like a cool glass of strawberry limeade.

Wear: I love the way these balms go on! The consistency of the Neapolitan feels so different from other lip balm pots, it feels amazing! It's a little squishier than other lip balm pots which I really like. A good amount of product gets picked up with my finger and it goes on really smooth and creamy, it just melts right into my lips. It makes my lips feel sooo smooth! The Porch Party glides on SO smooth and super creamy, it's a little thicker than my usual balms and I really love the way it feels on my lips and the way it makes my lips feel! Both of these balms are winners in their consistencies and I just can't get enough of them!

Packaging: The Neapolitan comes in a lip balm pot that is divided into three sections, one for each flavor. This is really cute and such a good idea because what if I only want to wear one of the flavors? You get three balms in one! The Porch Party comes in a little skinny tube which I also love! I don't know what it is about skinny tubes, but I really like them!

Price: The Neapolitan is $13 and the Porch Party is $4.25. Both prices are steeper than I would usually pay for a balm, but if I break it down the Neapolitan is 0.5oz and three separate flavors, if it was three  0.15oz balms at $4 each, you'd still be getting a little more product for just about the same price. Oh and did I mention that both of these products are organic? If you think of it that way, the price tag just about fits the bill. Right now (as of May 20, 2013) Cathy is having a Spring Sale and you can get the Neapolitan for $9 and Porch Party for $3.75 which are both definitely reasonable prices!

Pros: Flavors, Wear, Packaging
Cons: Slightly steeper price

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 twists. These balms are both seriously amazing. The consistencies and flavors of these balms are just amazing! I've never been disappointed with any of my Upstate Herb Works products and I'd definitely recommend trying them!

Neapolitan: *shea butter, fair trade *cocoa butter, *coconut oil, *olive oil, *castor oil, local undeodorized beeswax, cold pressed meadowfoam seed oil, soy vitamin e, my own blend of essential oils and co2 extracts including: *rosemary, *pomegranate seed, *sea buckthorn berry, *strawberry fruit, fair-trade *cacao powder, fair-trade *vanilla bean. * indicates organic ingredient
Porch Party: unrefined *shea butter, +*cocoa butter, virgin unrefined *coconut oil, castor oil, meadowfoam seed oil, *alkanet root infused jojoba, non gmo soy vitamin e, essential oils, co2 extracted rosemary, co2 extracted pomegranate seed, co2 extracted *sea buckthorn berry. local undeodorized beeswax, *strawberry fruit extract. * indicates organic ingredient, + indicates a fair trade ingredient

Have you tried these Upstate Herb Works balms before? What did you think of them?
These balms were provided complimentary to me by Cathy from Upstate Herb Works, however, all of the opinions are strictly my own. Thank you, Cathy, for the opportunity to try some more of your wonderful products!


  1. I have Porch Party coming (yay!) along with Mint Chocolate, & I'm excited to try her updated lip balm formula.

    1. Yay! Let me know how you like them! They're both so amazing! Porch Party is definitely going to be perfect for summer, it's just so wonderful!


    2. I've been using Porch Party for a few days and love it, the strawberry was strong enough for me to smell while it was still in shrink wrap in the envelope! This one reminds me chocolate covered strawberries, or a chocolate fountain where you dip the strawberries in yourself. Delish.

    3. I'm so glad you love it! I can't get enough of it, it's just so wonderful!


  2. Thank you, Christina for the review and thank you Jean for your enthusiasm and support, as well! I hope you enjoy the chap-sticks! I appreciate the lip-balm lovers out there like you :) Happy Spring to both of you.

    Sole Proprietor of UHW

    1. You're welcome, Cathy! Keep up the great work you're doing, we can't get enough of your products!



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