Saturday, June 1, 2013

Balms I've Got My Eye On 6.1.13

Happy June, everyone! I know that this is a little off since these posts are usually reserved for Friday's, but since I posted my monthly wrap up yesterday, I bumped this one to today! I hope you don't mind =). I also hope that you're having a wonderful Saturday so far. Today, Rob and I are super busy, we're trying out a new gym and a CrossFit class so we're super excited and a little scared. I've never done CrossFit before, have any of you? Anyway, while I'm bustin' my butt and dying just a little bit, I hope you enjoy checking out the balms I'm wishing were in my possession right now:

Long Winter Farm's White Almond
White Almond Lip Balm - One Tube Beeswax Shea Cocoa Butter Jojoba
I've been falling back in love with almonds lately and since white chocolate is definitely one of my weaknesses, this balm sounds divine!

Live Beautifully's Blackberry Jam
Blackberry Jam Lip Balm - All Natural - Ripe Blackberries with Sugared Preserves
This just sounds like all kinds of deliciousness!

Ripe Shop's Chai Cocoa
Chai Cocoa Lip Balm - Beeswax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Chai Tea, Chocolate
I can't resist a Ripe Shop balm and this is one I have yet to add to my collection!

There you have it!
Happy Saturday!


  1. The Chai Cocoa from Ripe is wonderful! Smooth and a little spicy! Those other two sound delicious; they've been added to my wish list! ;)

    1. I'm so glad to hear it! It's definitely on my wish list. The White Almond from LWF is amazing! Amanda included one in my order and it's just wonderful!



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