Sunday, June 30, 2013

Balms of the Week 6.30.13

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful day! Rob and I are headed to the Pride parade here in SF today so we're pretty excited about that. I'm also taking Rob to his first ever Bikram Yoga class today, so we're a bit nervous and excited about that as well. He's never done yoga before and the last time I had him try a new fitness class (CrossFit) he ended up fainting and I had to catch him! (That's right, this girl's got some muscle on her.) Anyway, I've been using a ton of balm this week because I've been walking out and about and I've needed to wear tons for Bikram because for some reason my lips get really dry while I'm doing it. Here are the lovely balms I've kept by my side this week:

Vintage Sister's Pina Colada
The Pina Colada balm is amazing, it lasts through eating and drinking and through a good deal of sweating too!

Upstate Herb Works' Porch Party
Porch Party is such a lovely balm for summer, it smells incredible and goes on nice and thick for some added protection.

Long Winter Farm's Watermelon
I've been obsessed with eating watermelon lately, and when I'm not eating it, I'm using this balm!

Long Winter Farm's Blood Cherry
Still one of the best balms I've ever used, it's just so amazing!

Okay, I guess I wasn't using a TON of balm, but I was using a bunch of different flavors!
What balms have you been using this week?

I hope you enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. LOL, Rob's a trooper, I hope he made out okay. I've only done the gentle types of yoga. I just started strength training (Jari Love's "Ripped" DVDs), if I end up getting ripped I would love to do the athletic types of yoga.


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