Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Country Blossom's Balm of the Month: June 2013

Alright, alright, I know that it's not June anymore, but I just never got around to it at the end of last month. I honestly can't say enough how much I love having these lip balm of the month or season because it's just so neat getting to try balms I normally never would. Sometimes even if I think a balm sounds good and sounds like something I'd like, if it's not similar to the usual balms I get, I tend not to venture out of my comfort zone and try it. I don't know why, I guess I'm just not brave enough haha!

Company: Country Blossom

Flavor: Sangria. Okay, seriously, this balm smells wonderful! It smells just like a glass of sangria., which happens to be one of my favorite drinks. It smells of red wine and fresh fruit, like an adult fruit punch! It's sooo lovely and will probably be one of my go-to balms this summer.

Wear: I really love the consistency of all my Country Blossom balms. They're so creamy and smooth, and just go on so wonderfully. They go on a little thicker without being too thick and provide a wonderful protective barrier on my lips. I feel like this balm automatically fills in all the cracks and makes my lips instantly smooth.

Packaging: This balm comes in your average sized lip balm tube with a white label. The label has a sunflower with the shop's name in it and below that the flavor of the balm is printed nice and clear. Below the name of the balm is a picture depicting the flavor of the balm, this one has an image of a glass of sangria.

Price: $3 per tube which is a heck of a deal for how wonderful this balm is!

Pros: Flavor, Wear, Packaging, Price

Rating: 5 out of 5 twists. This balm is seriously wonderful! I'd definitely recommend this as a balm to use this summer (or all year round!).

Ingredients: Beeswax, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Flavoring Oil

Have you tried this balm from Country Blossom yet? What did you think of it? What are some of your favorite summer drinks you wish you had in lip balm form?

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