Friday, August 16, 2013

Balms I've Got My Eye On 8.16.13

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! This week went by really fast but at the same time kind of slow. I'm kind of happy the weekend is here, only because Rob will be home tonight, but otherwise this weekend is going to be work, work, work, work, work! We have a little over a day to pack up the stuff we unpacked and find a storage place and move everything into storage. I'm not really looking forward to it! I hope you all are going to have a more exciting weekend than I am. Anyway, in between study sessions this week, I've had my eye on these:

Aqua Blossom's Bergamot Lemon
Bergamot Lemon lip butter, natural vegan gluten-free lip balm, citrus fruit lip gloss

ForGoodnessGrape's Malted Mango Mooseshake

Evolution of Smooth's Blueberry Acai

What balms have you had your eye on this week?
Have a wonderful day!

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