Sunday, August 18, 2013

Balms of the Week 8.18.13

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today's the big day that we move to Seattle. I'm so not ready for another change in venue and definitely not ready to bring the cats on a plane and have to go through security with them. The last time I had to beg TSA to let me go into a private room with both cats, neither of them like to be held and as soon as they're held they start squirming and scratching (I have more than a few scars) to get out. I don't think that'll fly this time, so Rob and I are trying to practice picking up the cats a bunch so they get used to it. The longest we've ever been able to hold one of the cats is about a minute, and that was only one time, the rest of the time it's about 15 seconds before they start attacking us. Ugh. Anyway, while I'm over here stressing out about that today, why don't you check out the amazing balms I've been using this week:

Orange Thyme's Sugared Grapefruit

Orange Thyme's Cherry Lemonade

ForGoodnessGrape's Baby Moose Tracks, Baby Moose Pie, Baby Moose Smooches
Seriously, if you haven't tried any of Lisa's new Baby Moose Lips, you're missing out. Holy cow these make my lips feel amazing!

Ripe Shop's Mango Sweet Tea

Firebird Bath & Body's Strawberry Tangerine

Firebird Bath & Body's Cherry Limeade

Black Widow Balm's Calavera '12

Phew! That was a lot! I'd highly recommend trying one or all of these balms, they're super wonderful!
Have a wonderful day!

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