Monday, August 5, 2013

Mini Monday 8.5.13

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope your week has started off well! I plan to turn this week completely around and be as productive as I can be, I'm super hopeful and optimistic about this week. I hope you also have a wonderful productive week!

Orange Thyme's Cherry Lemonade
This balm has a ripe cherry scent combined with the lovely scent of sweet and slightly sour lemon. It's so lovely!

ForGoodnessGrape's Orange Hibiscus 
I love balms with hibiscus in them! This one has a super sweet scent to it; it smells of sweet orange and candy-like hibiscus. Hibiscus always has a sweet, candy-like scent that I can never get enough of!

Aqua Blossom's Mango Spice
This balm smells exactly like Mango Lassi. This balm smells of ripe mango combined with spices and yogurt, this balm has such a rich and yummy scent.

Have a wonderful day!

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