Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wrangler's Monthly Wrap Up: October 2013

Happy Halloween! Are you dressing up for the holiday? Tonight we're going to go listen to the Seattle Symphony play the soundtrack from 'Psycho' as the movie plays, it should be fun! We've been dying to go listen to a symphony accompany a movie for a while now. I honestly cannot believe that today is the last day of October. It's my favorite month of the year, I can't believe it's over already! It just means that fall is also passing quickly and before you know it, it'll be Christmas. I love fall weather and I hope to savor as much of it as I can before it's winter. Anyway, here are some of my favorite posts from this month:

My favorite parts of October not lip balm related: going apple picking, visiting the pumpkin patch and picking the perfect pumpkin, wearing fall clothes, going to Vegas, celebrating my birthday

What were some of your favorite things from October?
Have a wonderful day!

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