Sunday, November 10, 2013

Balms of the Week 11.10.13

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you're having a lovely day so far and have some fun things planned for today. Today we're doing our final walk-through of our new apartment that we're moving into next Friday (well starting on Friday, going to be slowly moving in until probably the 22nd), so that'll be pretty exciting. We really love our new place and can't wait to move in! (We're waiting to move to save on rent since the apartment we're staying in now is paid for until the 22nd by Rob's company). Anyway, this week I've really been sticking to just a few balms, but they're really amazing so I'm not complaining!

Ripe Shop's Matcha Green Tea
Seriously this is probably one of the best balms I've ever used in my life. I cannot stop using it. This consistency feels a little different to me than Adriana's usual balms and boy, am I in love!

ForGoodnessGrape's Keep Calm and Carry Lip Balm
This is a staple for me, I use it several times a day and every night before bed. I love it!

Epically Epic's Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

Ripe Shop's Gingerbread Egg Nog

Long Winter Farm's Black Blood

Aqua Blossom's Orange Cinnamon Roll

Softlips' Berry Mint

Softlips' Double Mint

Okay, so maybe that was a little more than a few balms...oops.
What have you been using this week?

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