Friday, November 22, 2013

Black Friday Wishlist 2013

Hi all! So sorry today's post is late, we got home late after my test last night and I was completely exhausted. I've been studying for major exams for over 5 months, 5-7 hours a day, every day...I just need to not think for a while haha. I didn't even study this much during college! Anyway, since Black Friday is a week away, I thought that I'd make a list of the things I'm hoping to purchase! I hope you enjoy!

Buffalo Gal Organics' Eye ZEN Pure Moisture Treatment

Epically Epic's Custom Scented Solid Lotion
Custom Scented Solid Lotion

Little Batch's Facial Mask in Pomegranate Green Tea

Little Batch's Salvation Head to Toe
Salvation Head To Toe All Natural Body Balm, body butter, lotion bar, lotion stick, solid lotion, moisturizer, gardeners balm

ForGoodnessGrape's Heavenly Honeydew
Heavenly Honeydew Lip Balm

ForGoodnessGrape's Salted Caramel Mocha
Salted Caramel Mocha Lip Balm

ForGoodnessGrape's Blood Punch from The Lip Balm Queen
Blood Punch Lip Balm by The Lip Balm Queen

Live Beautifully Body's Candy Cane Anthology

Live Beautifully Body's Beautifying Face Butter

Live Beautifully Body's Breakfast Breads Lip Anthology

Orange Thyme's Body Lotion in Pink Grapefruit
Shea Butter Lotion- Choose Scent- Lavender Lemon, Lemongrass, Rosemary Mint or Pink Grapefruit

Bunny Butt Apothecary's 2 Pack of Lip Balm
2-pack of Lip Balms

Bunny Butt Apothecary's Complexion Zen
COMPLEXION ZEN Clarifying Facial Cream with Tea Tree Oil (Vegan - 2oz)

Aubrey E. Apothecary's Lemon Lip Scrub
Lemon Lip Scrub - all natural & vegan sugar lip polish -  2 in 1 scrub and balm

Aubrey E. Apothecary's Solid Lotion Bar in Blueberry Lemon Verbena
Solid Lotion Bar Blueberry Lemon Verbena Barefoot Butter in a twist up tube

Rooted Beauty's Razz Lime Lip Butter

Moody Sisters' Vanilla Chai and Mint Chocolate Truffle Lip Balms

The Gnarly Whale's Green Tea Facial Toner
Green Tea Toner  - Vegan, Natural Non-Drying Toner for Sensitive Skin with No Fragrance - 8oz

The Gnarly Whale's Spiced Caramel
Spiced Caramel Lip Balm - Vegan .15 oz

Long Winter Farm's Blackberry Sage Skin Cream
Blackberry Sage Skin Cream

Firebird Bath & Body's Pomegranate Rose Perfume Oil
Pomegranate Rose Perfume

All of this, plus so much more! I cannot wait for Black Friday! I've been really into facial care and skincare lately, so that's why there are so many of those types of products. 

What's on your Black Friday Wishlist? 
Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. In light of the sales, would you be able to post a quick list of the sales from some of your Etsy favourites? :)

    1. I will try to get a list together, I haven't seen too much on sales yet, I think most people are waiting until we get closer to announce the deals. Please follow me on Twitter/Facebook as that will be the quickest way for me to inform you! I'll be reposting and tweeting as soon as I can when I find out about a sale =).


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