Thursday, December 12, 2013

Buffalo Gal Organics

Okay, so kind of funny story about a previous Buffalo Gal Organics order I received. I had bought a bunch of balms on Black Friday last year and had intended to review them, they were scheduled and everything. But then I received so many more Black Friday orders (I went nuts last year, this year was much, much, much more tame) that the Buffalo Gal Organics balms got pushed to the back burner. Then I somehow forgot about them completely and then later moved to San Francisco. When I was going through my balms in San Fran to try to find my Buffalo Gal Organics balms, I just couldn't find them. I went through everything trying to find the little mesh bag they came in and had no luck. I was stumped! Flash forward another 6 months when we're finally clearing out my room in Chicago and we move the bed. Low and behold the mesh bag had fallen into my headboard and ended up under my bed. I never would have found them if we hadn't moved the bed, my bed had under bed storage built in and the only way to see under was to move the mattress. Anyway, that was last May and I figured those balms had probably gone bad by then, let alone by now. So during this year's Black Friday I decided to place another Buffalo Gal Organics order so I could finally review Kasia's products! Kasia was kind enough to include a tube each of her Grace and Cocoa Rose lip blushes.

Company: Buffalo Gal Organics

Flavors: Starry Night Lip Balm, Grace Lip Blush, and Cocoa Rose lip blush. The Starry Night has a light scent of citrus, it's super, super light. If you like lightly scented balms, this is definitely one for you. Rob thinks that the balm kind of smells lemony, but I think it's supposed to be more like orange. The Grace Lip Blush and the Cocoa Rose Lip Blush don't really have a scent, although Rob thought they both smelled like iced tea.

Wear: The lip balm goes on smooth and creamy, and pretty thick as well. I think the lip blushes go on a little more oily than the lip balm, the consistency feels much more slick. Cocoa Rose is supposed to be neutral and very sheer, and I would have to agree. My lips are darker, so this lip tint definitely showed up clear on my lips, no color at all. The Grace Lip Blush also didn't leave any color on my lips, or on the inside of my wrist or the inside of Rob's wrist (and he's super pale). I think it's supposed to have a baby pink tint, but it was too light to show up on either of our skin. Both types, however, make my lips feel super smooth and soft!

Packaging: I'll be honest, I was surprised to see that the Starry Night balm was a thin tube, I think I just didn't look hard enough at the picture. Both Starry Night and Grace are thin twist up tubes while the Cocoa Rose comes in an average sized oval tube. The caps on both thin tubes are extremely loose, it takes almost zero effort to take them off which is nice, but I'm also scared to find them in my purse or night stand with a cap missing. The cap on the lip blush fits perfectly though, so I think it's just the thin tubes. Each tube has a rustic looking label on it.

Price: The Starry Night is $4, there is a set with Starry Night and Grace that is $8, and the Cocoa Rose is $8. It's not surprising that the Cocoa Rose is more since it is a lip tint, but I still think it's a little high especially for a really neutral lip tint. It's also good to keep in mind that these products are organic so the prices will be a little higher than what you would see in other shops that aren't organic.

Pros: Flavors, Wear, Lip Balm Price, Super fast shipping
Cons: Lip tints are super light, Lip Blush (full size) price, Packaging of lip balm (caps)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 twists. The consistencies of these products were lovely and made my lips feel great. Some of the prices are a little high, but these products are organic. I also received these balms super fast, and not just for Black Friday standards, but for everyday standards. If you're looking for organic products, Buffalo Gal Organics has you covered! Stay tuned for a review on some Buffalo Gal Organics eye cream, you won't want to miss it!

Ingredients: Okay to be honest, the ingredients are really hard to read on the label as they go across the bottom of the tube near the twisty thing and the label doesn't go all the way around as one, it has a break in the middle. I'll just tell you that everything looks great and it's all good stuff going into it!

Have you tried Buffalo Gal Organics products before? What did you think of them?

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