Thursday, December 19, 2013

Live Beautifully: Breakfast Breads and Candy Canes

Hi everyone! It has certainly been a while since my last Live Beautifully review, so I figured it was just about time for one. Luckily, I have some new Live Beautifully balms to share with you all and I think they're perfect for this season!

Company: Live Beautifully

Flavors: Blueberry Muffin, Banana Nut Bread, Cinnamon Raisin Toast, Peppermint Candy Cane, Tutti Frutti Candy Cane, Orange Mint Candy Cane, and Snickerdoodle lip jelly. The Blueberry Muffin smells exactly like a fresh baked blueberry muffin. You can definitely smell fresh blueberries! Makes me wish I had more blueberries to make some blueberry muffins! (I used them up to make blueberry pancakes yesterday, yum!). The Banana Nut Bread really surprised me! Banana nut bread is probably one of my most favorite things and I was skeptical that this balm would smell like it, but it does! It has the most amazing fresh baked banana nut bread scent. I love the scent of baked ripe bananas combined with walnut and moist bread. Absolutely wonderful! The Cinnamon Raisin Toast smells like buttery bread topped with a ton of cinnamon. Probably one of my favorite breakfasts. I've noticed that breakfast foods are some of my favorite things, they're just so delicious! The Peppermint Candy Cane smells of cool, tingly peppermint and a little bit of vanilla. I love a good peppermint balm, and this is definitely a great one! I think this whole Candy Cane Anthology would have made a great Christmas gift (or a late one)! I was hoping that the Tutti Frutti Candy Cane would smell like my favorite Jelly Belly jelly beans, Tutti Frutti because that would just be awesome. While this balm isn't quite like that, it is a really lovely fruity and minty scent. It definitely smells like a blend of cherry, lime and peppermint; kind of like cherry limeade combined with cooling peppermint! Super unique and interesting flavor combination. The Orange Mint Candy Cane smells absolutely incredible! It almost smells like an orange creamsicle combined with peppermint. The orange scent is just so amazing, I almost wish I had a Live Beautifully balm that was just orange. It is only made better by the scent of mint, if you're a citrus fan, you need this balm in your life! The Snickerdoodle lip jelly smells deliciously of batter and vanilla and spicy cinnamon. It seriously smells like a delicious cookie. I've never had a snickerdoodle before, but if this is anything like it, I want to try one!

Wear: These balms glide on nice and easy, making my lips feel nice and smooth. These balms are more oily than creamy, they go on a little more slick than other balms, but not in a way that makes you feel really greasy. The mint balms have a light tingling sensation, so for those of you who don't like the super tingly mint balms, these may be ones you want to try! The lip jelly goes on with your finger since it comes in a pot and you only need a tiny bit of product to properly coat your lips. If you've used petroleum jelly, you know how to use this stuff. But to me, it's not as goopy as petroleum jelly which I actually like. I also like to use the lip jelly on my cuticles!

Packaging: These balms come in your average sized lip balm tubes that each have labels designed to correspond to the flavor of each balm. The Candy Cane ones are especially festive looking. The fonts and overall design of these labels are just phenomenal, you can really tell a lot of care went into making them. It's really beautiful packaging. I also appreciate that underneath the flavor of the balm there is a description of what flavors go into the balm. The lip jelly comes in a lip balm pot that has label that has a lovely "old fashioned" look to it. The flavor of the jelly is printed right on top which makes it super easy to tell your lip jellies apart!

Price: Each anthology is $10 and each individual balm is $4. Both of these prices are extremely reasonable, especially since one anthology has 3 balms. The lip jelly is $5 per pot, but you get .5oz compared to the .15oz you get in an average tube of lip balm, so that's a pretty good deal! Right now there is a holiday sale until December 26th where you can save 15% off everything!

Pros: Flavors, Wear, Packaging, Price

Rating: 5 out of 5 twists. Seriously, these balms are bomb (I am surprised I've never said that before). I really love these balms and would recommend them to anyone who is a fan of breakfast and/or candy canes!

Lip Balms-Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Coconut Oil, Natural Flavors & Oils
Lip Jelly-Certified Organic Self Emulsifying Wax, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Essential Oils & Natural Scent Oils

Have you tried these Live Beautifully products before? What did you think of them?

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  1. Hi Christina! Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! We're so glad to hear you enjoyed the different flavors! Hope you have a fantastic holiday season and again, we can't thank you enough! :)


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