Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hi guys!!

Hi guys!!

So I've definitely been gone a lot longer than I ever anticipated. I've done a lot of things in the last two years that kept me away from writing (working 50+ hours each week, trying to still workout 7-9 times a week, spend time with Rob, traveling, etc). But, this past summer after finally being fed up enough with my job, I quit! It's been one of the best decisions I ever made. I was just going through the motions at a job I didn't enjoy anymore, but happened to be really good at. After being disrespected and undervalued time and time again, I finally said good bye! I was losing myself, at the end of it I didn't even work out anymore or eat healthy, I stopped taking care of myself because the stress and how unhappy I was at my job just ate away at me. It was exhausting! I'm nannying again which I absolutely LOVE to do, I love taking care of children and this suits my life so much better than my previous job. I'm getting back to my old self (the last two weeks have been steady workouts and clean eating(!), not just a workout here and there). 

I want to start writing a few times a week. I've made a TON of purchases the last three months from Sephora, Ulta, and various other cosmetics companies that I've just fallen in love with. I'm trying to figure out how I want to tell you all about the wonderful things I've discovered. I feel a shift happening in what this blog will be about. I'm still definitely all about lip care, but also lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, skin/face cream, highlighters, etc.

I'm working on it (and myself) and hoping to get somewhere close to where this blog was three years ago when I was living in San Francisco and devoted all of my time to this blog and working out (benefits of taking a year off of school and work). I'm trying to figure out how to balance this blog, working, maintaining my rigorous training schedule, and spending quality time with those that I love.

You'll hear from me soon,

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